2015 Round 1 Bag Tag Payouts

Payouts are ready, see Joey or Davis at the course for your cash. The Payout worksheet and 2015 Round 1 tally sheet can be viewed or downloaded HERE

Round 2 ended yesterday, December 31st @ midnight, so please text, email, show Davis your ending Bag Tag # for Round 2 ASAP. All 2015 Round 2 Bag Tag participants have 30 days to notify Davis of your ending Bag Tag #. On February 1st we will be certifying Round 2’s challenge, tallying up the results, releasing another worksheet and paying out the winners. If you don’t notify us of your ending number in that 30 day time frame you will not be paid out even if you’re eligible and have hit your 6/6 mandatory challenges for the round

The Higher Flyers thank everyone for purchasing Bag Tags over the past several years and continuing to support the fundraiser that historically pays for both course improvements and/or Friday Dubs Ace Pool reserves. 2015 Round 1 was a huge success which will be funding 2 trees for our home course @ Central Park. We’ll post the tree planting on our Facebook page as soon as the installation date is scheduled with DSM and the City

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Bag Tag Unclaimed Payouts

Dating back to the first Bag Tag Challenge of 2013, ending June 30th, 2013, there are Four (4) unclaimed cash payouts, as follows:

6th: $17

7th: $16

15th: $10

16th: $10

If you have any of these Bag Tags from 2014 Round 1 please see Joey or Davis to collect your cash. If the past 8 months wasn’t enough time for you the Flyers are giving you until March 15th, 2014 to claim your cash or lose it forever. Any unclaimed Bag Tag payouts now and in the future will be used to establish Ace Pool reserves for Friday Dubs. The Bag Tag rules will be amended to reflect this change and establish a time frame that once payouts are tallied up and posted on the website Bag Tag participants will have 30-90 days to claim their cash

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Bag Tag Rules Posted

Bag Tag rules have been posted on the site. You can view or download them from the Bag Tag link above or from this link HERE

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Membership, Road Trip & Rules Pages Added

Membership, Road Trip & Rules info can be navigated to from the links above or from the following links:

Membership Info

Road Trip Info


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New Site Launched

Welcome to the official Higher Flyers club website. Our new site went live today, February 25th, 2013 @ 7pm and we will be adding new content weekly. Be sure to check back, subscribe to our site notification service or visit us on Facebook

The Flyers held an informal club member meeting this past Saturday, February 23, 2013 and the Minutes from that meeting will be posted on the site shortly. An interim Board of Directors has been nominated and a proposed set of Rules, Bylaws and club Organizational Structure has been submitted to the Board

We are looking forward to publishing those rules ASAP, finalizing our interim Board officers and then getting feedback from all members on the new direction the Club is heading in. Please select the Contact Us link to send a message to the club

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